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LSU Head Coach Brian Kelly still has not named a starter for the Florida State game on September 4th, but many believe that transfer QB Jayden Daniels will be at the helm to start the game. The former Sun Devil had been splitting first team reps with quarterbacks Myles Brennan and Garrett Nussmeier, and with the departure of Brennan, stepping away from football, the quarterback race has become even tighter. “It’s a two man race.” said Kelly “Jayden does some things extremely competitive, you see his ability to get the ball out of his hands quickly. He’s not just a guy that runs.”

Kelly also went onto praise his sophomore signal caller “Nuss made some really good plays today, with an edge player right at him. I wouldn’t be surprised if they both get the opportunity to play this year.”

Jayden Daniels is an experienced signal caller, and has improved greatly with the aid of quarterback coach Joe Sloan. Look for Daniels to improve off of last seasons’ eye popping 65% completion percentage numbers. While both Head Coach Brian Kelly and OC Mike Denbrock have denied that just because they have used mobile quarterbacks in the past that they are going to use them now. “I don’t care if it’s NFL or little league.” Said Denbrock “If it makes our offense more dynamic we’re going to borrow it.”

Garrett Nussmeierhas the arm strength to make every throw on the field. However an ankle injury had slowed him for a few days in fall camp, and his decision making while leaving the pocket has sometimes come into question. When asked about having a ‘gunslinger mentality’ Nussmeier grinned and shook off the question. “I think it kinda got lost in translation” said Nussmeier “I’m still gonna take shots and any quarterback should. When they’re given to you is the biggest thing I’ve learned. Take them when they’re given to you. Take them when you’re supposed to take them.”

“We’re looking for somebody to take the reins of this thing.” said Denbrock. “More than anything the strength of the unit, we’re making a very quarterback driven system.”

Edge Jayden Daniels

While it’s safe to say that Jayden Daniels starts the season under center, or in the gun, for LSU there is no guarantee that he makes it through the season as the Tigers signal caller.

Both quarterbacks are fully capable of being the starter and contributing in a big way. However Kelly will likely name the starter within the next few days if he hasn’t done so already.

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