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SPECIAL REPORT: There Are Two Vandy Whistlers.

By Matty

If you follow College Baseball, or if you can just hear in general, you may know about the Vandy Whistler. Over the last 10 years this person has pierced televisions across the country with his whistles during Vanderbilt Baseball games. Know one likes it.

On the heels on yesterday's Vanderbilt/Ole Miss game last night, where Barstool Sports legend Ben Mintz confronted the Whistler, it has come to my attention that there are TWO FUCKING WHISTLERS! There was one that I knew about, but apparently that's not even the guy who started it. I'm sure other people know about this, but as an LSU fan, I did not and I am shook.

So the guy that Mintz called out is a guy named Preacher Franklin. I don't think he is an actual Preacher....just him name. I see from his Facebook profile that he lives in Nashville and he apparently posted about the interaction on said profile last night.

So now....who's the other guy???? The guy I knew about already. The guy who has tormented my brain for so many years.

His name is Jeff Pack and he is from Hermitage, TN. In a 2019 article about these fuckers it says "Most college baseball fans think the Vandy whistler is one man, but it’s actually two guys. Jeff Pack is a 66-year-old from Hermitage, Tennessee. Preacher Franklin is a 74-year-old from Smyrna, Tennessee. Both are lifelong Vanderbilt fans who started whistling years ago at sporting events independent of each other. They are often confused with each other."

Mind Fucking Blown.

Here is Jeff Pack speaking about the time LSU fans got security to make him move.

It is truly amazing that there haven't had more incidents like this in the past. But it sounds like Mintzy has more work to do now.

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