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Tatertot's Top Three Joe Burrow LSU statues

Hi, my name is Tatertot. As part of my introduction into the One Team One Podcast family I would like to share with you the three greatest ideas for the future Joe Burrow Statue at Louisiana State University. These ideas were created by me and meant to be gifted and used by Louisiana State University.

We all know and love Joe Burrow here at LSU, and that is why I have created these three statues.

Let's start off with the honorable mention:

Honorable Mention #1: "Geaux Burreaux Geaux"

This statue resemble the iconic senior night jersey Joe Burrow dawned against rival Texas A&M back in 2019. This statue also stamps the mark that Louisiana left on Joe Burrow and the connection that the two have created and now share with one another.

3. "Louisiana's Adopted Son"

This statue immortalizes the moments after beating the Alabama Crimson Tide and as a whole represents the wild ride that Joe Burrow lead the LSU Tigers on during the 2019 season. This was one of 7 top ten teams that LSU beat in 2019 and ultimately the final test the Tigers would face in route to their 4th national championship.

2. "The Three Step Roar"

These three parts of the statue represents a lot of different parts of Joe Burrow's time at LSU. This statue option resembles the feeling of getting knocked down, growth, and glory. The first part of the statue represents the feeling of getting knocked down and how this moment in Joe Burrow's career was the igniter to the legendary season that was to come after this memorable moment against the UCF Knights in the 2019 Fiesta Bowl. The second part of this statue represents the growth that Joe Burrow made since he first arrived here in Baton Rouge. The third part of this statue represents the glory at the end of the road and represents the final stamp that Joe Burrow left on LSU.

1. Sitting with Perfection

This is my favorite idea and the one that I believe will have the best social media reaction. This statue resembles possibly the most memorable photo in LSU football's history.

Hope you liked the list. Please feel free to leave a comment and share with other Tiger Fans. For now so long and as always Geaux Tigers!!

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