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My Thoughts on Who Will Win The QB Job

By: Matty

This offseason has been relatively quiet. Lots of recruiting talk (nerds) lately. But the biggest question that should be on everyone's mind leading into this season is who will play quarterback.

This team is going through so much change. Every year I get anxious to see the new payers hit the field to see what they look like in person. It's usually new recruits that I have heard so much about. Well this year, it will make your head spin trying to get adjusted. I am now anxiously awaiting the first "Who the fuck is that guy" comment in Tiger Stadium.

All of this change has made bookmakers a little nervous about LSU as well. Under 8 wins is what they have them this year. Me on the other hand, as a huge LSU homer with completely unrealistic expectations every year, have us winning 9 games. But all of this rides on the quarterback play. Last year we were very light in the QB room, with the Myles Brennan injury and T.J. Finley transferring. As of now, we have a full room with 4 scholarship players, in which 3 have real playing experience. I believe the coaching staff will want to keep it this way as well.

The fear would be, naming a starter not named Myles Brennan, and then Brennan transfers. He may be looking for immediate playing time for his final season for any hopes for the next level. This is a big reason why I believe we will not have an official starter named until very close to the beginning of the season to manage the roster. With Nussmeier, I believe he thinks he can win the job and then set up a race between him and Howard next year as well. I would not see him transfering if he isn't named the starter, being just a redshirt Freshman. As for Daniels, I would expect packages in place for him to play a good bit to utilize his mobility.

So my prediction is this: Brennan gets the start against Florida St, but you will see Daniels as well. Very strong likelyhood that Brennan will give way to Nuss early in the season and then its Nuss and Daniels the rest of the way. Starting Brennan in the first game will be to keep him here but also give him a chance to shine. I truly believe that the staff will let this play out but will also lean towards Nuss and Daniels because of their versatility.




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