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LSU Wants to be Auburn

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery… Sure, I guess, but does that apply to universities? I do not think so. In this article, we’ll try to undercover why Louisiana State University has the “little brother” complex when it comes to Auburn. I put “little brother” in quotes, because that implies the “big brother” is conscious of the other. Personally, think LSU is more like the kid who puts an exhaust kit & spoiler on his 2002 Honda Civic, because he saw Travis Pastrana (Auburn) drift on TV once.

The Beginning:

Let’s start off short and sweet. Auburn University was founded in 1859. LSU was founded in 1860. Coincidence? I do not think so. Do with that what you will, just reporting the facts. Sure seems like the boys in the bayou have been playing catch up since 1859.

Now talking strictly football here, Auburn started their program in 1892 (Win vs UGA) while LSU began in 1893 (Loss to Tulane, yikes). Would you look at that? Just look at it. Another year behind.

The Mascot:

Probably the most damning bit of evidence to my thesis above. There is only ONE true TIGERS in the SEC, and it is not LSU. The Auburn TIGERS adopted that mascot in 1892. One year before LSU even played football, as previously stated. LSU became the Tigers in 1936. I am not a math guy, but that’s like 40 years after.

Some say that LSU Tiger nickname was derived from Louisiana’s Civil War troops. I disagree, they copied Auburn. You should subscribe to that thought as well, LSU fans. I would HATE to see cancel culture catch wind of that… Mike the (Confederate Solider) Tiger just does not sound good, not to mention he is locked in a cage. I digressed; the point is Auburn is the original Tigers. LSU can fight Mizzou for second place.

Cam, Joe, Gene & Ed

Let’s travel back in time to 2008. Auburn moves on from a solid coach, Tommy Tuberville, and hires a defensive minded coach, Gene Chizik. Fast forward some, Cam Newton visits Auburn in 2009/2010. He falls in love with the campus, the fans, and the vibes. Simultaneously, an Auburn booster generously donates a sum of money to a church, which happens to be the same church Pastor Cecil Newton is at. Talk about small world, what a crazy coincidence. Anyways, Cam eventually has the greatest single season in the SEC. Wins the Heisman, and the National Championship. Bang Bang. Team falls apart the next year, Gene Chizik gets fired.

Alright, lets move to 2017… Les Miles gets fired, finally. He is replaced by a defensive minded coach, Ed Orgeron. Much like Gene Chizik, Coach O had no business being the head coach of an SEC program. Following in Auburn’s footsteps, LSU lands a generational talent at QB in the transfer portal, Joe Burrow. Unlike Auburn, they openly and illegally gave money to Burrow. Disgusting. Even with this appalling recruitment strategy the result was the same. Burrow has the second-best single season ever, wins the Heisman and the National Championship. Bang. Bang. Team falls apart, and Coach O gets fired.

You might say I am crazy, and I am making all this up. I say, open your eyes. LSU has been 2 steps behind Auburn for over 100 years. I’ll let the facts in this article speak for themselves. Unfortunately for LSU fans, one thing they are unable to steal from Auburn is the ability to compete with Alabama in football. Again, just stating facts. I hope this article ignites a fire the LSU fanbase, and administration to blaze their own path. I doubt that happens, but enough is enough. I will be waiting for LSU to hire a basketball coach with a questionable NCAA history to lead that program to relevance.. oh wait. It already happened and it already didn’t work.

- Sports Ball Sammy

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