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LSU Baseball Ain't Dead

By Matty

Jay Johnson and the LSU Baseball team went on the road this weekend and took 2 of 3 from the #8 Florida Gators. The weekend started off shaky when LSU lost 7-2 to future 1st Round Pick Hunter Barco and the Gators. At this point, you would have thought LSU Baseball had collapsed from some of the fans reactions of this team so far in the year.

Going into the weekend at the Shriner's Classic, expectations were high for the Tigers who had a loaded lineup but hadn't played much of a schedule at that point. LSU lost two of 3 that weekend and following 2 losses to in-state LA Tech and a 1-2 start in the SEC, the natives were already restless.

What I have seen so far, is a team that is still getting adjusted to the new staff but also does have legitimate pitching issues. But even with those issues, they limited the Gators to 4 and 2 runs on Saturday and Sunday respectively. The main difference this weekend was LSU's bats came alive AND its seems a renewed energy took over on Saturday and Sunday. Lots of homers and lots of homerun celebrations which led to Florida plucking 8 batters on Sunday and creating some bad blood.

In this blogger's opinion, this is exactly what the doctor ordered. Energy can be contagious, as we have seen as early as last year, when Tennessee ignited their trashy ass fanbase with bat flips and trash talk. The same can happen here, but of course classier than those fucking hicks.

This road series may have also been a key. Get away from home, where LSU fans can sometimes be....umm....negative? Especially going to a sleepy Florida baseball stadium with 100 fans in attendance. But yes, bring on the bat flips. Bring on the trash talk. Bring the energy. Lets score a shit ton of runs, and have fun doing it.


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