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Drunk Notes From The Spring Game

What a great day. LSU sweeps Mizzou, the Zurich Classic happening in NOLA, and the LSU Spring Game. Oh, and I partook in some cocktails. What a great time to blog!

I wanted to give my observations of the Spring Game. Not in the boring way everyone else does it, but just telling you what these drunk, bloodshot eyes have seen.

The story of the Spring Game has to be the quarterbacks of course. I think they all four showed promise. Although Jaden Daniels' final numbers didn't look great, you can obviously see his wheels as he escaped out of the pocket several times. Nuss and Myles both looked solid. Brian Kelly's comments at halftime leaned towards Myles by saying "He gives us that veteran presence." Something to keep an eye on. Nuss shows a lot of, dare I say, swagger. With Joey B in attendance, you can't help but look at Nuss being able to galvanize the team around him with his attitude.

I think the offensive line looked like poo in the 1st half. Our defense was able to get through the line at will, and anytime we brought 5 or more, it seemed like a loss of yardage. Seemed to run the ball very well in the second half and opened up the offense more. I love the way Emery and Goodwin run the ball. They have a burst that we haven't seen in a few years.

Now for the question, everyone has been asking. What was in Joe Burrow‘s cup? Daiquiri? Red Bull & Vodka? Whatever it was, he was feeling good. It was fantastic seeing the 2019 guys walking the sidelines. Combine that with Brian Kelly’s structure and organization, big things are coming to this program. Did y’all catch Kelly’s F-bomb on camera after Lacy dropped a pass? More F-bombs in the future I see.

All in all, I felt like it was a good performance for a Spring Game. Maybe I was too drunk. Maybe I wasn’t. we may never know. I do know that I will be in the Dome when we play Florida St.

Alexa….play Neck.

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