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Crawfish Boil Conversations : Three current and former SEC mascots I could beat in a fight

(**At a crawfish boil in the heart of the Louisiana Bayou this conversation was had, please enjoy the first "Crawfish Boil Conversations." )

Question Asked:
What are three current and or former SEC mascots that you could beat in a fight?

My response to this question in descending order:

3. Elephant (University of Alabama)

Reasons why I know I can defeat an elephant:

Reason #1:

The Internet tells me I can.

Reason #2:

There are no elephants in Alabama.

Tatertot's Game plan to defeat an elephant:


Elephant Running Away:

2. Landshark (University of Mississippi)

Reasons why I know I can defeat a Landshark:

Reason #1:

They don't exist

Reason #2:

Sharks hate being punched in the nose, trust me wikipedia told me this so therefore it must be true.

Reason #3:

Sharknado is one of the greatest movie series of all times. Sharknado is of course a fiction movie series therefore this means that Landsharks are not real. If Landsharks are not real this means I can defeat a Landshark.

Tatertot's Game plan To Defeat a Landshark

1. Green Waves (Tulane University)

Reasons why I can defeat a Green Wave:

Reason #1:

Waves are just slightly larger puddles that move

Tatertot's Game plan to fight a Green Wave:

Thank you for reading the first ever volume of the Crawfish Boil Conversations. Please share with friends and family.

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